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Doris Mary Andreas (nee Bauer)

Obituary for Doris Mary Andreas (nee Bauer)

January 27, 1936 - April 29, 2020
McHenry, Illinois | Age 84

Loving Wife, Mom, Grandma, and Great-Grandma


"Friendship, commitment, compromise, and embracing change"

Christ our Savior taught that only his grace is necessary for our entrance to heaven. Actions are not required. However, our actions are a reflection on our lives and how we show our grace to others.
I will give them a heart to know that I am the Lord, and they shall be my people and I will be their God, for they shall return to me with their whole heart. Jeremiah 24:7 (ESV)

Doris M (Bauer) Andreas, age 84, entered eternal life with Christ on April 19, 2020 at home. She was born January 27, 1936 at the family farmhouse just south of McHenry, the historic homestead bordering McHenry Country Club's south boundary. She married Duane Andreas on June 19, 1954. They dated all through McHenry High School beginning when she was a freshman and he was a junior. High school sweethearts and friends forever.

In high school Doris was elected to student council for four years, on all the athletic teams being an all-star in floor hockey, basketball, and tennis champion one year (Sister-in-law Audrey, she is still claiming victory). In music, she had early talent, being one of the students allowed to walk several blocks from St Mary's grade school to practice and play with the high school band and orchestra.

Her parents, Ben and Katie (Freund) Bauer were lifelong members of St Mary's parish. Doris attended St Mary all eight years. She began school a year early as her siblings were very bright. After crying and asking to go home for two weeks, Katie came in one day, took her into the hall, gave her few taps on the fanny and told her "I'm not coming back again". The crying stopped.

Katie (Catherine) was a descendant of Peter M Friend one of the founders of the parish in the 1890s. They lived on his farm. Doris had two brothers, Eugene who died at age 5 and Roman who passed away in 2010, and a sister Terry (Wilde) who died in 2015.
he 1953 MCHS Yearbook reveals some interesting history. Future sister-in-law Darlene ("Dar" Tom Huemann) Andreas writes "To the most wonderful girlfriend I have had, may we always be close friends". Doris stated, "my ambition is to be happy and see the world". She worked at the mill as a secretary after high school.

A half century later the two families raised their kids together, shared many of the friends, retired together at their winter homes at a golf community in Grenelefe Fl, and also owning neighboring houses on a small, pristine, spring fed lake in central Wisconsin (Comstock). In death they will also remain together as the Huemann and Andreas cemetery plots are together, along with many of their other friends in Johnsburg.

Doris did get to "see the world". After marriage Duane was inducted into the Army (1957), trained as a Military Policeman, and was assigned to Germany. Doris joined him in 1958. On 10 day leaves they managed to travel all over Europe. They shared a small two-bedroom apartment with a German couple, Mama and Papa, where Doris' limited knowledge of German (from her grandparents) came in handy. Both Doris and Duane developed a life-long passion for card games, particularly Bridge.

Thirty-three years later they traveled back to Germany (with their son Dirk) to visit with Mama and Papa and tour the Eifle area where both the Bauer and Freund families began their emigration in the 1850s.

Prior to being inducted, Duane and Doris tore down a home in Ringwood and repurposed the materials into a three-bedroom home that exists to this day (6605 Barnard Mill Rd). Blessed events began there, with the arrival of Dean (1959, Dirk (1960), and Dana (1962). Duane accepted a job teaching at Johnsburg Elementary School.

Dean lives in Johnsburg with his wife of 39 years, Jane (Beguhl). They have three children. Jennifer Curtis married Jim and lives in Katy, TX. Jennifer has a degree in Architecture. Jim is a Sheriff's Deputy. They have two sons, Sam and Remy (Remington). Don graduated from the Air Force Academy and works in IT in San Diego. Jessica was Air Force ROTC, graduated from UW – Milwaukee and is presently stationed in Guam.

Dirk lives in Geneva with his wife Jennifer (Evans) Andreas II (think about it) and his two step-children Rebecca Cloyd (Grove City College) and Joshua Cloyd (Aurora Christian High School). Dirk's son Aidan attends Iowa State. Dana lives in a farmhouse near the lakehouse in WI.

After five years in Ringwood Doris and Duane moved to McHenry, purchasing and renovating the old Page house (903 N Green St). In the late 1960's they moved to Johnsburg residing at 3920 Hillcrest for almost forty years. Johnsburg was experiencing continued growth, as more and more summer homes along the Fox River were converted in permanent residences. School funding initiatives failed. Duane obtained Board approval to submit a proposal for a federal funding for new innovative ways to teach. Doris typed the application. On a manual typewriter. Many times. (Editor's note: there are only three people in the world that can read Dad's handwriting. Doris, his long-time secretary Bev Greenwood, and me, somewhat, today).

The grant was $200,000, conditional on local funding for a building designed to incorporate the ideas. It was approved and Johnsburg Junior High School entered service in the early 1970s with Duane as principal. Doris settled into the supporting role: room mother for the boys; and working with Dar performing billing/secretarial functions for Huemann Water Conditioning at the Huemann kitchen table her boys and Dar's four children played endless rounds of "kick the can", swam in the pool, ate homemade cinnamon rolls, and watched "Dark Shadows".
Due to a tragic accident to the Superintendent, Duane stepped temporarily into that role completing his doctorate at the same time. Doris managed the household as Duane worked long hours. She typed more, much more. At least she borrowed an electric typewriter this time. But still no copiers – carbon paper. After briefly returning, the Superintendent passed away and Duane stepped in.

The Andreas began attending St John the Baptist Church and sang in the choir for many years. Doris worked for the McHenry Chamber of Commerce and one of the leaders, Fran Olsen, becoming close friends. It continues to this day. Through Dean's friend Tom Cahill, she also became best friends with Arlene. Her husband Tom sat on Duane's School Board. She lost a true sister when Arlene passed away too soon, many years ago. That hole in her heart was never filled.

When the Principal of Woodstock High School was looking for a new secretary, he asked Duane if Doris might be interested. He was impressed with Doris' ability to "think on her feet". However, shorthand was required, which she had not used in over 25 years. No problem, the skill returned quickly. The money helped as well, with three boys in college one year.

The two older boys, Dean and Dirk, received engineering degrees. Dean worked in the tech field. Dirk in energy. Dana received a business degree and flight certificates. He was a pilot for American Airlines and then a flight examiner for private pilots running ground school and simulators.

After retiring with Duane in 1988, they opened a seasonal antique shop on the NE corner of Green and Pearl Street. They traveled often and great distances. One year in fall to New England with the Cahills, who flew home from Boston after a week. Down the east coast through the Blue Ridge Parkway to Florida. After spending Christmas, on to the allure of grandchildren in Texas. Dean and Jane may have been there as well. To California to spend a couple months, stopped to see Dirk in Colorado, and back to IL in March. That was the first year. With thirty more to follow.

International trips included trips to the previously mentioned trip to Mama and Papa, a visit to with Dean's family in Dresden when he was sent there for two years, to Sweden, and another trip through Germany.

Her life story would not be complete without mentioning her fantastic organization and documentation skills. Especially after she got her first computer in the late 1990s. She applied those gifts to generical research and databases for her side of the family (Freund and Bauer) as well as Duane's side (Andreas and Ebel). This means extensive scrapbooks, charts, pictures, death and birth certificates, and emigration records. This culminated in a book authored by Duane based on much of her research, "What We Remember Before We Forget" that documented McHenry events experienced by their families. Fortunately, in the age of the computer the typing and editing was much easier.

We are all remembered by how we treat others. As her parents aged, she was involved in their care along with her brother and sister. It was important to the family that they remain at home until the end. Both died in the early 1980s. She also was the caretaker for her special-needs cousin, Earl Kennebeck. After her aunt died Doris became Earl's main substitute mother.

There was concern that Earl could not live alone. She creatively made sure he could use the phone (speed dial "push person's picture"), organized activities ("bus comes after Phil Donahue is over"), made sure he was provided meals, and taught him to use a microwave. The surrogate mothering went on for years. Including making the difficult decision to move him to McHenry Villa, and later to a nursing home. Doris was also a great assistance with Duane's sister Margo, also special needs. She provided a buffer between Margo and Duane and Dar her guardians. Brother/Sister disagreements sometimes need a referee.

In summary, Doris lived a full happy life. Always living positively, making the best of the situations afforded to her. In later years she enjoyed her family and friends. Whether the monthly "Bauer Girls" get togethers, visiting with friends at the lake in Wisconsin, friends in Florida or at their homes across the country she was always welcome. She saw the world and was happy.

She passed away at home as she wished. Doris will be badly missed in all these places. Especially in her earthly home. She has entered her eternal one.
And this is his commandment, that we believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and love one another, just as he has commanded us. Whoever keeps his commandments abides in God, and God in him. And by this we know that he abides in us, by the Spirit whom he has given us. 1John 23-4 (ESV)
God Bless Her.

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